This One Thing Will Make You More Creative

Paula Jean Ferri
2 min readJan 25, 2022


I’ve been thinking a lot about space lately.

It is amazing how much it is capable of and how many ways it manifests.

I once read a children’s book (The Book About Nothing by Mike Bender) that talked about how even nothing is something. In my Creativity course, I talk about how even an act of destruction is an act of creation.

When a building is destroyed, there is space to build something new.

If you have space, anything is possible. When I remove things from around the house, when I remove activities that take up time, or when I let go of expectations… what is left?



Literally anything I want to put in it’s stead.

But first I have to remove what isn’t serving me, helping me in some way to grow into who I want to become.

I have to take time out for me. I say have to, but really, I get to.

I get to grow and expand when I let go/release/remove/purge/destroy/clean/free up/clear/eliminate/ erase (insert any other synonym here that feels best for you).

I have to make space for what I need.

I don’t always know what that is. I may have ideas of what I want. Often to those lead me in the right direction.

But I’m often in awe, marveling and wondering about the way my life is able to change before my eyes when I create space and watch how that is filled with something beautiful.


This is something that I want to start to focus on more in my own life, and as a result, in my business.

I want the retreats I host (both writing and reading) to create the simple space for something new to grow.

Your stories. Your insights. Your healing. Your relaxation.

Whatever you want to put there.

I create the space. You get to fill it.

I’m calling my next retreat a reading retreat. I’m all about the books and making time to read. It’s healing for me. I need that.

But the focus is the space. For you.

Would you rather write? Hike? Dance? Swim?


This is YOUR escape.

YOUR retreat.

YOUR space.

What will you fill it with?

Now What?

Need to create more space in your life, but not sure where to start?

Maybe you do know where you need to start, but are curious about the retreats I mentioned?

Check out my website HERE for next available dates for my Writing Retreats and Reading Retreats.