To My Single Friends: The Best Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Also called Single’s Awareness Day. A day for singles to dread, loathe, fear and watch in envy of the love that couples have for each other.

If you have followed my writing at all, you know those are emotions I do not advocate for. They are there, and they certainly happen.

But, from one single person to another, let me tell you why I love this holiday that celebrates love and the best way to look at this holiday:

Focus on the love you do have in your life.

We spend WAY too much time focusing on the love that we don’t have — the relationship we want, the romance we lack — that we forget just how much love there really is in our lives.

Love is important. We all want to feel like we belong and that we are cared about. So do many around us. And isn’t it beautiful to think that the more we give of love, the more we are able to receive it as well?

It’s not always something we think about, but there is love in any person’s life. Don’t believe me? Here are a few ideas to get started seeing where you can both find and more importantly give love.


Everyone has them, whether they are in your life or not. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your parents or what kind of relationship they currently have with each other, you were born because of the love of two people.

And while it doesn’t always seem like there is any love, there is an inescapable bond of love that is created. It may or may not be acted on. We are human and humans are imperfect after all. But there is always love.

Regardless of your relationship, you can always choose to show love to your parents.


Some people have them, some people don’t. Remember, this is a list of possibilities of how much love is possible and finding ways to grow that love. For those that do have siblings, very few will ever know you as well or at least as long.

We have to be willing to put in the effort, though. Siblings can be difficult, to say the least. I was very different from mine growing up. We fought a lot, we lost contact. But re-establishing a relationship with both of my siblings has been important not just in difficulties we face, but also as another opportunity to give and receive love.


“Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.” — Linda Hogan

Even if your relationship with your parents may not be what you want it to be, we can always look deeper into the past. The histories of these people are what brought you into this world. They lived and they loved.

As a believer in life after death, I have felt the influence of family members as I have gotten to know them. As I look back into the history of where I came from, I can feel their love and how they have shaped my life in ways I never could have known before.

My passion for life and adventure comes from my Italian great-grandfather who left Italy to start a new life in America. I have a strong sense of intuition and love of nature that comes from my Native American line. My fiery temper from my Latina great-great-grandmother.

They have given me gifts that show how much they love me. As I come to know them and connect with them, I feel their love for me and I show my love for them as I honor them and keep their memory alive.


How can we not love these people? These are people that chose to have us in their lives and we choose to keep near. These are people that we spend time with and are easy to love and be loved by.

These are the people we instantly want to share good news with. Who give us a shoulder to cry on when needed. They get us out of trouble. There are jokes shared and memories made that bring a smile to our face the moment we think of these people.

How do we not love when we think of our friends?


We all have things we love to do. The way we choose to spend our time shows that this is something we care about. It is something that can always make us feel better on a rough day, even if we don’t want people around. It serves as an outlet on rough days and celebration on good ones.


This drives us. It is something that makes us want to get out of bed each day. It excites us and is important to us. No matter what purpose you find to be involved in, you are important and needed. You have unique insights and wisdom to bring to the table to really make a difference in the world around you.

This is certainly a cause worth celebrating and worth loving.

Love Yourself

While I see this as the most important, it is often the least applied. Even if there is none of the above in your life, when you understand how worthy you are of love and worth loving you find these more and more prevalent in your life.

Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. You are full of talents, experiences, and knowledge that no one else has. That alone makes you worth loving. When you share those with others, you get more of the above list showing up in your life as well. You find hobbies you love, you feel a sense of purpose, and your relationship with people around you increases.


Love is the most powerful force there is. We need to see this and be able to use it more. And what better way to do that than with a holiday to celebrate the love you already have and the love that is growing.

A day to appreciate what is there.

A day to celebrate love in all it’s forms.

Celebrate the beauty, the uniqueness, the character flaws, the humanity.

See it in the people around you. See it in nature, in history, in activities, in paintings, in music, in movement.

Love is all around us, if we are simply willing to look.

Need more Love?

As I mentioned, the best place to start is with loving yourself. No one knows you better than you do, and you have the greatest capability of loving yourself.

This used to be something that held me back. I had zero tolerance for anything I did and no love for myself. But a few specific questions helped turn that around. Those questions are in my free guide, “Turn Your Negative Traits to Assets.”

Know that I love you and you are worth loving. This guide will help you see that as well. CLICK HERE and I’ll send it to your email completely free to get started!



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